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Become a Vendor

Come and join our amazing and wonderful group of vendors at 4 different markets throughout 2023! We will have 3 geeky markets and 1 non-geeky holiday market. Please apply to each below! If you have any further questions please contact us at  

**Please note no MLM's will be accepted without licensing of Pop Culture themes for the geeky markets. We will not be accepting MLM's for the non-geeky market. **

Holiday Gift Market

Nov 4 & 5, 2023

Opening Soon HOLIDAY MARKET.png

Fully booked as of May 27, 2023. All applications at this point are on waitlist status. You will receive only the confirmation of application email and will automatically be placed on a waitlist. We will contact you if a space opens.

This market is geared towards the general public and the wares being sold are not solely geeky in nature, but we are inclusive to all walks of life. If it can be a gift, we will consider it. No MLM's please. Click the image or the link below to apply.

Opening soon Geeky holiday.png

Geeky Gift Holiday Market

Nov 18 & 19, 2023

Hello Everyone! I want to thank you all for your interest, however the waitlist is now lengthy so I will be closing applications for this market. 

Geeky/Witchy/Viking/Weird/Wonderful and Cosplay is more than welcome! We will be supporting the YESS non-profit at this one, all entry is by donation! (1).png

CALGARY Geeky Gift Holiday Market

December 2 & 3, 2023

It is time to infiltrate Calgary!!

**Update - As of June 14 we are now full and all applications going forward are waitlist status. I will not be responding to applications coming in after Jun 14th, but know your application is automatically placed on a waitlist.

This market requires a pop culture, strange, weird, wonderful, Viking, or witchy theme to your wares. No MLM's without licensing. Entry 'fee' is a donation to the Calgary Foodbank for patrons attending, they will be with us for the weekend to take donations directly. Unfortunately, we cannot have alcohol vendors.


The much anticipated Calgary Geeky Gift Holiday Market is now open! Click the Apply Now button or the image to apply. Please read the pdf vendor contract for more details.  This market requires a pop culture, strange, weird, wonderful, Viking, or witchy theme to your wares. No MLM's.

Geeky Spring Gift Market.png

Spring Geeky Gift Market

April 1 & 2, 2023

Geeky, weird, and wonderful is the theme for our vendors at this market. This market was wonderful! Over 2500 through the door!

We partnered with the Chew Project for this one and there was a little of $700 in food & clothing donations, as well as an amazing $2138 in monetary donations.


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